Creative Gamemode

Creative mode allows you to use any item in Minecraft straight out of your inventory to allow you to freely create stunning structures. Our creative world is open, this means you can build whatever you like, wherever you want.

Useful Commands

Here are some of the commands we have deemed useful for the creative mode world, these can be used along side the commands on the dedicated commands page.


1. /spawn
- Return to the spawn point in your current world.

2. /tp <player>
- Teleport to the selected player.

3. /tpa <player>
- Send a request to teleport to the selected player.

4. /tpahere
- Send a request to teleport the selected player to your location.

5. /tpblock
- Block other users teleporting to you without a request.

6. /warp <location>
- Teleports you to warp locations. Creative and Survival are two examples.

7. /sethome <name> - [VIP] Only
- Set a home spawn point, if no name is defined it will be the default. Right clicking on a bed can also set a home spawn.

8. /home <name> - [VIP] Only
- Teleport to your home location, if no name is defined it will spawn at the default.

Useful Information

- At the spawn point of the creative world, there is a teleport to the left of the signs, just before the bridge, to teleport to the Survival Mode.

- It is always daytime in the creative world because we don't need mobs to spawn and it helps to see around without placing lighting everywhere.

- Double tap space to fly, and press E for your inventory.

- TNT is disabled for all users, but anyone can use Water and Lava.

- Fire does not spread, it is safe to put lava or fire near a flammable block.

- Only [VIP] players can use Ignition items like Flint & Steel or Fire Charges.

Creative Rules

- Do not grief/destroy other user's structures without thier permission.

- Try not to get in the way of other user's buildings and build in your own space.

- Do not spam item/potion drops.